Transform Your Patio this Summer

Summer means you will be spending a lot of time in the great outdoors and in your very own backyard. Now that you know how to best use your hot tub during summer, why not transform your patio? The ambiance has an overall effect of your experience, transforming your patio by giving it a little TLC will make sure the memories your create this summer will be great ones.Coleman Spas hot tub

First thing’s first, make sure to clean your patio! Start the season by power washing your deck or patio to give it a fresh feel. Once the cleaning is taken care of:

Check your greenery. By this point in the year, your shrubs and grass are either doing great or might be in need for some loving. Trim and water your plants if needed, and check for any critter problems. During this drought it is recommended to limit you watering to twice a week, however that is plentiful to keep your greenery green. Remember to water deeper and less often to strengthen the grass roots to better survive the drought!Coleman Spas hot tub

Add some color to your patio with container gardening! Add hanging plants or potted flowers for easy gardening. Most containers have a large reservoir of water to limit the need of maintenance. Flowers are a very cost-effective way to beautify your patio with minimal effort.Coleman Rotomold Spa

See the light! Add solar powered lightning options to your backyard which turn on automatically at dusk. Solar powered lighting is available in smaller sizes to large lanterns, choose one to fit your outdoor decor and needs. Add a festive touch to your backyard! Not only will this increase your visibility at night, but will also add a mystic feel to your backyard or patio. Tip: shop for these online, usually come in larger quantities at a cheaper price!

If you are on the market for the ultimate backyard or patio accessory, visit Coleman Spas for the perfect unit for you.

Enjoy Summer from a Hot Tub

Many people needlessly discontinue the use of their spas when the summer temperatures rise because twice the heat might be a little unbearable.New-Waterfall-White

Although it may sound like a contradiction in terms, your spa hot tub may actually be the best place to cool-off in the Summer heat. Find out how to make the most out of your hot tub during Summer below.

Take a Dip to Cool Off During a Heat Wave

To use your spa in “cool-water mode”, simply reduce the temperature setting to 85F or less (or turn your heater completely off) and enjoy! With the cover off and air jets running, your water temperature will quickly drop. To maintain cooler water, keep your spa covered during sunny days when not in use. Run the spa with the spa cover open and with water features and air jets operating during cooler evening temperatures. This action together with natural evaporation will cool the water!

Since water heats more slowly than the outside air, the insulated spa will maintain its lower temperature from evening into the following day. And unlike an in-ground pool, a covered, insulated portable spa will not be absorbing radiant heat from direct sunlight during the day, or from a surrounding concrete thermal mass after sundown.

Water balance and other products you use are maintained exactly the same as with hot water. In fact, some sanitizers work somewhat better at cooler temperatures to keep your spa water in the best condition. Just uncover, take a dip and enjoy.co6person

Saving Energy

Since you will be running your spa heater either at a reduced temperature setting, or completely off during hot weather spells, you will be saving energy in the long-run, meaning your cost of operation will be greatly reduced.

So when the temperature soars, make good use of your valuable equipment investment. Enjoy your spa in “cool-water mode”. You’ll feel refreshed and smarter for enjoying your hot…or should I say COOL, tub year-round.coleman spa 1

Rules for Water Usage in a Drought

As you might have heard by now, the Western United States has been experiencing a severe drought that has been dubbed one of the worst. As hot tub owners there are a few precautionary tips that can be taken to help ease the situation during this serious dry spell in the West Coast.coleman clear water Check them out below!

  • All pools, spas, and ornamental fountains/ponds shall be equipped with a recirculation pump and shall be constructed to be leak-proof. Pool and hot tub draining and refilling shall be allowed only for health, maintenance, or structural considerations.
  • Water should not be applied to outdoor landscapes in a manner that causes runoff such that water flows onto adjacent property, non-irrigated areas, private and public walkways, roadways, parking lots, or structures.
  • Automatic shut-off devices should be attached on any hose or filling apparatus in use.
  • Refrain from washing streets, parking lots, driveways, or sidewalks, except as necessary for health, aesthetic or sanitary purposes.
  • Reduce water use by the following suggested percentages: Residential and Rural 25-40%; Multi-family and Public/ Institutional customers reduce water use by 20-30%; commercial customers by 20%; and Landscape Irrigation by 25-50%.
  • Motor vehicles and equipment shall be washed only with buckets or with hoses equipped with automatic shutoff nozzles.
  • If draining a pool or hot tub, untreated water may be used for irrigation or clearing purposes.co6person

Remember: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We can work together to create a bigger and brighter future for everyone.

Coleman Spas is committed to reduce the amount of water usage, especially during this current drought. For more information about Coleman Spas and products, or to learn how you can limit your hot tub water usage, please visit


Things Not To Do In a Hot Tub

If you are a spa owner then you probably know all the things you should do in and around the tub, like issues of safety, care and maintenance. However, this guide will help you by letting you know things not do in a hot tub.New-Waterfall-White

1.  Don’t Let Sand or Dirt Get Into the Hot Tub

It could mess up the filter, among other things. Do, however, take steps to prevent the intrusion of sand and dirt into the spa.

2.  Don’t Enter if You Have an Open Sore

Persons with open sores or any type of infection should not use the spa. The hot water is an ideal environment for spreading infection, especially if sanitizer levels are not properly maintained.

3.  Don’t Use Alcohol or Drugs

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but drinking and hot tubbing are not a good mix. Despite all of those movies scenes we’ve seen with characters cavorting in hot tubs with a bottle or glass of their favorite beverage in hand, physicians don’t recommend it. Sports stars and politicians have been known to imbibe while entertaining in a spa, but that doesn’t mean we should follow their example. Same with medications — check with your doctor before soaking in extremely hot water while taking a prescription.

4.  Don’t Raise Your Water Temperature Above 104°

Keep your spa water temperature no higher than 104°F. Higher temperatures can place undue strain on the cardiovascular system. Be sure to accurately monitor the temperature.coleman clear water

5.  Don’t Let Children Use the Hot Tub Alone

Children must not be permitted to use the spa without adult supervision for obvious reasons.

6.  Don’t Open the Electrical Box

There are no user serviceable parts inside.

7.  Don’t Jump or Dive Into a Hot Tub

Regardless of its size, never jump or dive into a spa or hot tub. Climb in carefully; do not allow any horseplay.

8.  Don’t Use a Spa or Hot Tub That Doesn’t Have a Compliant Drain Cover

You may have or have not read much about anti-entrapment drain covers, which every public swimming pool, spa and hot tub in the United States is supposed to have been equipped with by December 20, 2008, and every residential pool, spa or hot tub should have installed.

9.  Don’t Use the Hot Tub During a Storm

Never use your spa during extreme weather conditions (i.e. electrical storms, tornados, hurricanes etc.)
coleman relaxing
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Perfect Centerpiece for Outdoor Living

Hot tubs can be a source of enjoyment and relaxation, and they can also be the perfect centerpiece for outdoor living. Convert your backyard or patio into the perfect home resort oasis and escape reality for a few minutes a day.

Here’s how to create the perfect escape in your very own backyard with you Coleman Spas hot tub.Cabinets

Type of Tub

Consider size and color that will suit your home and patio best. Make sure to also refer to the shoe-size logic: choosing a hot tub based on the size you have available and the amount of people who expect to be enjoying your hot tub with you.Coleman Roto Series


Whichever model you go for, always, always, have your hot tub installed to face a glorious view. No natural panorama to gaze at as you relax in the balmy water? No problem, just create your own. Alternatively, build an adjoining pond, stream, or waterfall, or a handsome fire pit or trendy fire-and-water feature. Consider a Cal Flame BBQ for an outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

Costs and Maintenance

Once the tub has been installed, it will add approximately $25-50 per month to your electric bill in winter if you keep it warm all the time.

A hot tub is easy to maintain. There’s no need to drain after use, although you may want to change the water once or twice a year. A chemical cartridge system ensures that the water will be kept sparkling clean and odor-free. Simple-to-use test strips allow you to check the water quality on a regular basis. You will occasionally need to clean or replace the filter, make sure to visit Quick Spa Parts for authentic replacement parts and accessories.Spa Cover

Keeping it Green

The same eco-friendly technology that you use to save energy inside your home can be applied to your home spa. Turn down the default temperature a degree or two, and be sure to set the thermostat on “vacation” mode when you will be away from home for a while. A spa cover can be a great addition that can save you money over time, visit Quick Spa Parts for the perfect fit spa cover.

Spa Stay-cation

An enormous advantage of a home spa is that it allows you to access the ultimate stay-cation whenever you want. The warm water, combined with hydro jets, provides relaxation that will benefit physical and emotional health. It seems to naturally lower blood pressure and ease stiff joints and sore muscles.

While hot tubs do have a well-deserved reputation for inspiring a romantic atmosphere, they also provide wholesome family fun. When spa water is kept at a temperate 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it is safe for all ages. (Healthy adults can enjoy settings of up to 104 F.)coleman spa 4

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Spring Clean Your Spa

Spring has officially arrived, which means it’s time to melt away the winter blues and welcome spring with open arms. It also means it’s time for some spring cleaning! It’s time to clean your home, wash your windows, car …but don’t forget to show your hot tub some love as well!coleman spa 1

Follow these simple steps to ensure you maintain a clean hot tub through the entire season!

Drain your hot tub, there’s nothing like starting over. It’s recommended to drain your hot tub every 3-4 months, depending on how well you keep your spa water and how often you use it. Make sure to turn power off before emptying!2.-COH-731L-Viewpoint

Clean the shell. Use a cleaner designed specifically for your hot tub shell to give your spa a good old fashioned wipe down. Not only will this reduce the residue appearing on the bottom of your hot tub, but will also keep your spa water cleaner, longer.

Protect your hot tub with a high quality UV protectant. Make sure to wipe your hot tub down well. While your at it, also clean your cabinets to give your unit a newer more attractive look. Extend the life of your hot tub by only using harsh chemicals to remove tough stains.Cover-page-300x229

Once you have cleaned your hot tub, fill with water and use a cover to keep your spa clean through the season. There’s nothing more reassuring than a hot tub cover to keep debris where it belongs: out of your spa water!New-Waterfall-White

Give your filters a good rinse before operating water through to ensure your spa water stays crystal. The average lifespan of filters are 1-2 years, depending on usage.

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Time to Stock Up!

Spring Thaw is here making it the prime time to enjoy a long soak in your hot tub! However, nothing is worse than going for a dip in your hot tub and realizing you need a new filter. That’s why now is the perfect time to stock up on spa necessities and supplies so you can relax knowing you’ll have enough to last through the season. It’s better to be stocked up than scrambling to the store for spa filters and replacement parts.

CO534L Environment

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Coleman 1-1-equipment

Aside from the replacement parts and repair necessities, Quick Spa Parts also offers accessories such as spa covers, spa lifts, pillows and spa steps. You’ll also rest assured knowing your spa parts will be delivered quick to your doorstep! The estimated delivery time is approximately 1 – 5 business days from the time of order, except Spa Covers which take around 5-10 business days. Make your spa experience customized to your liking with the wide variety of items available at Quick Spa Parts!

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Hot Tub Shopping

Hot tub shopping, just like car shopping, can sometimes be stressful if not given the guidance of a dealer. Say you are browsing online right now, getting quotes and looking for the perfect hot tub to rest your body after a long day at work. Not only does your hot tub need to feel good, it must also look good too!co6person

New hot tub shoppers need to take several things into consideration before finalizing and deciding on a hot tub. However, hot tub shopping doesn’t need to be as stressful as it sounds. That’s why we have developed THE SHOE SIZE LOGIC.

The shoe size logic narrows down searching for the perfect hot tub into three sections: size, space and cost!CO756L-Environment-smoke

1.) Size

First and foremost, when searching for a hot tub you will notice the different variations. There are round ones, square ones, rectangular, triangular. You name it, we have it! But how do you rest assured knowing that you made the right choice? Think of how many people you plan to join you in your hot tub. Triangle spas from the Coleman Spas Garden Series are perfect for an intimate experience for two, while the Heritage and Signature Series are perfect for a small family or circle of friends to enjoy!

2.) Space

Find a space in your home that will be perfect to house your new hot tub. Remember, the space you choose depends on the hot tubbing experience you will have. Choose a relaxing patio, or think about adding a deck to your backyard to create your perfect backyard sanctuary. Keep in mind that the foundation must be able to withstand between 2,000-3,000 lbs. or more. Coleman Spas offers a variety of shell and cabinet colors to match your home decor. Make sure to speak with a representative to ask about color availability to choose the right one that will match your home.

3.) Cost

Hot tubs are an investment that will not only add property value to your home, but that will benefit you through relaxation and hydrotherapy. Cost is an additional factor that must be taken into consideration when purchasing a hot tub. Just like shoe shopping, it’s important to think how much you are willing to invest. Regular hot tub maintenance should also be kept in mind when purchasing a hot tub. Bromine, pH test strips, and water filters should be part of a regular maintenance schedule for your new spa.CO534L Environment

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Hot Tub Water Chemistry

Some people look to hot tubs as a cost-effective alternative to pools. Yes, hot tubs provide the utmost relaxation and hydrotherapy benefits, but all hot tub owners should know that hot tubs aren’t small pools. Maintenance for swimming pools and hot tub water are very different and should be treated as such. It’s all about water chemistry.New-Waterfall-White

Shock treatment, alkalinity, pH, hard water and sanitizers are all terms that can intimidate any new hot tub owner, however there is no need to fear! Hot tub water maintenance is quite simple.coleman spa 4

- Hot tub water is the perfect breeding ground for microorganisms and bacteria to breed if the water is not treated with the proper sanitizing system. Bacteria from our bodies, as well as airborne mold spores, algae, and even viruses can find their way into the water. Sanitizing systems such as bromine, can effectively destroy microorganisms and bacteria to keep your spa water safe and healthy to use.

- Shock treatment is the routine of applying a treatment to your spa water that oxidizes and diminishes dead organic material left behind from the sanitizing system, and material that is unable to be filtered such as dirt, soap, hair spray and perspiration. These contaminants provide a source of food for bacteria and algae if not treated correctly and in a timely manner. Regular shock treatments eliminate them and the organics on which bacteria feed.

- Alkalinity is measuring the ability of the water to resist changes in pH. Low alkalinity could cause a bigger problem than higher alkalinity. It’s smarter to adjust alkalinity before testing your hot tub pH. Maintaining the proper alkalinity will often bring the pH back to normal.

- Hard water is measured and caused by the amount of calcium dissolved in the water. Insufficient calcium hardness can sometimes promote equipment corrosion and also result in water foaming problems.Hydrotherapy

Coleman Spas makes it easy to maintain your hot tub water. Find more information about Coleman Spas here.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that people either love or absolutely love to hate. Still, over 50 million roses and 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are given for Valentine’s Day each year. Apparently, there are a lot of you cheesy fellers out there!

coleman relaxing

This year, think out the box! Give him or her something that they will always remember. Instead of going to dinner and movie, bring date night to you! That’s right Valentine’s Day can be spent from the safety and comfort of your own home. Need some ideas? Here we go…

Set the Mood

Dim the lights and set the table for a dinner in candle light. Think red! Red is energizing. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action… *wink*


Gifts aren’t as important as actually spending time with your loved one on Valentine’s Day. You should not feel pressured to get your significant other a gift. If anything, get them a gift that you may both indulge in. Chocolates and a bottle of champagne make great gifts both can enjoy.

Down time

Spending time with your significant other one Valentine’s Day should be special. Hop in the tub and share chocolate covered strawberries and glass of your favorite wine or champagne to enjoy each others company.

Prepare the hot tub, spread rose pedals to go with the theme of the evening. Dim the lights and light some candles. Upgrade your soak in the hot tub with aromatherapy and massages. You’ll thank me later.co6person

By the way, hot tubs are also perfect for self-pampering. If you don’t have someone to spend the evening with, treat yourself to a long soak. Pour yourself some champagne and indulge in your favorite chocolates. No need to miss out on all the fun!coleman spa 1

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Happy Valentine’s Day!