Hot Tub Shopping

Hot tub shopping, just like car shopping, can sometimes be stressful if not given the guidance of a dealer. Say you are browsing online right now, getting quotes and looking for the perfect hot tub to rest your body after a long day at work. Not only does your hot tub need to feel good, it must also look good too!co6person

New hot tub shoppers need to take several things into consideration before finalizing and deciding on a hot tub. However, hot tub shopping doesn’t need to be as stressful as it sounds. That’s why we have developed THE SHOE SIZE LOGIC.

The shoe size logic narrows down searching for the perfect hot tub into three sections: size, space and cost!CO756L-Environment-smoke

1.) Size

First and foremost, when searching for a hot tub you will notice the different variations. There are round ones, square ones, rectangular, triangular. You name it, we have it! But how do you rest assured knowing that you made the right choice? Think of how many people you plan to join you in your hot tub. Triangle spas from the Coleman Spas Garden Series are perfect for an intimate experience for two, while the Heritage and Signature Series are perfect for a small family or circle of friends to enjoy!

2.) Space

Find a space in your home that will be perfect to house your new hot tub. Remember, the space you choose depends on the hot tubbing experience you will have. Choose a relaxing patio, or think about adding a deck to your backyard to create your perfect backyard sanctuary. Keep in mind that the foundation must be able to withstand between 2,000-3,000 lbs. or more. Coleman Spas offers a variety of shell and cabinet colors to match your home decor. Make sure to speak with a representative to ask about color availability to choose the right one that will match your home.

3.) Cost

Hot tubs are an investment that will not only add property value to your home, but that will benefit you through relaxation and hydrotherapy. Cost is an additional factor that must be taken into consideration when purchasing a hot tub. Just like shoe shopping, it’s important to think how much you are willing to invest. Regular hot tub maintenance should also be kept in mind when purchasing a hot tub. Bromine, pH test strips, and water filters should be part of a regular maintenance schedule for your new spa.CO534L Environment

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Hot Tub Water Chemistry

Some people look to hot tubs as a cost-effective alternative to pools. Yes, hot tubs provide the utmost relaxation and hydrotherapy benefits, but all hot tub owners should know that hot tubs aren’t small pools. Maintenance for swimming pools and hot tub water are very different and should be treated as such. It’s all about water chemistry.New-Waterfall-White

Shock treatment, alkalinity, pH, hard water and sanitizers are all terms that can intimidate any new hot tub owner, however there is no need to fear! Hot tub water maintenance is quite simple.coleman spa 4

- Hot tub water is the perfect breeding ground for microorganisms and bacteria to breed if the water is not treated with the proper sanitizing system. Bacteria from our bodies, as well as airborne mold spores, algae, and even viruses can find their way into the water. Sanitizing systems such as bromine, can effectively destroy microorganisms and bacteria to keep your spa water safe and healthy to use.

- Shock treatment is the routine of applying a treatment to your spa water that oxidizes and diminishes dead organic material left behind from the sanitizing system, and material that is unable to be filtered such as dirt, soap, hair spray and perspiration. These contaminants provide a source of food for bacteria and algae if not treated correctly and in a timely manner. Regular shock treatments eliminate them and the organics on which bacteria feed.

- Alkalinity is measuring the ability of the water to resist changes in pH. Low alkalinity could cause a bigger problem than higher alkalinity. It’s smarter to adjust alkalinity before testing your hot tub pH. Maintaining the proper alkalinity will often bring the pH back to normal.

- Hard water is measured and caused by the amount of calcium dissolved in the water. Insufficient calcium hardness can sometimes promote equipment corrosion and also result in water foaming problems.Hydrotherapy

Coleman Spas makes it easy to maintain your hot tub water. Find more information about Coleman Spas here.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that people either love or absolutely love to hate. Still, over 50 million roses and 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are given for Valentine’s Day each year. Apparently, there are a lot of you cheesy fellers out there!

coleman relaxing

This year, think out the box! Give him or her something that they will always remember. Instead of going to dinner and movie, bring date night to you! That’s right Valentine’s Day can be spent from the safety and comfort of your own home. Need some ideas? Here we go…

Set the Mood

Dim the lights and set the table for a dinner in candle light. Think red! Red is energizing. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action… *wink*


Gifts aren’t as important as actually spending time with your loved one on Valentine’s Day. You should not feel pressured to get your significant other a gift. If anything, get them a gift that you may both indulge in. Chocolates and a bottle of champagne make great gifts both can enjoy.

Down time

Spending time with your significant other one Valentine’s Day should be special. Hop in the tub and share chocolate covered strawberries and glass of your favorite wine or champagne to enjoy each others company.

Prepare the hot tub, spread rose pedals to go with the theme of the evening. Dim the lights and light some candles. Upgrade your soak in the hot tub with aromatherapy and massages. You’ll thank me later.co6person

By the way, hot tubs are also perfect for self-pampering. If you don’t have someone to spend the evening with, treat yourself to a long soak. Pour yourself some champagne and indulge in your favorite chocolates. No need to miss out on all the fun!coleman spa 1

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Shopping for a Spa: Make the Right Choice

When considering purchasing a new spa, a few key elements should be taken for consideration to make the selection process as simple a possible. Here are a few hints on how to make the right choice when choosing your Coleman Spas hot tub:

First, location location location! Where will your new spa be housed? Limit yourself to spas within the size range of the space available. Coleman Spas offers a variety of hot tubs in different shapes and sizes suited to your needs. A triangle spa is more suitable for an intimate “tubbing experience,” while a large 16-foot swim spa makes a great alternative to a traditional swimming pool. It’s also important that you are able to customize your backyard sanctuary, enhance your spa area by decorating with plants and surroundings. Remember, you are in control of your spa experience.Coleman Rotomold Spa

Secondly, me-time, or family-fun time? Determine how many people will be joining you in the luxury of soaking in your very own spa. This will help limit your choices and assure you of your final selection, as well as help you consider any premium options to add-on. Triangle spas allow for a more intimate experience for up to two-people. With LED lighting and water effects available for upgrade, triangle spas are prefect for a romantic getaway in your very own backyard! Top-of-the-line Signature Spas come equipped with accessories to entertain your guests, premium options such as Wi-Fi capabilities and upgraded stereo systems are also available to upgrade your hot tub experience.CO534L Environment

Lastly, site preparation. Consider how much space and money you are willing to spend on creating the perfect space for your new tub. Size and weight play important key elements. Smaller spas, such as the Rotomold or Garden Spa Series, need less housing space and are perfect for patios and decks. Swim spas, due to their hefty size and weight, should have their own dedicated space in the backyard. Rule of thumb: the bigger the spa, the higher the cost of creating the perfect site!Coleman Spas CO866B Hot Tub

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Protect Yourself from Flu Season

coleman relaxingWe’re in the middle of Winter and the flu is at its peak! On Monday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 43 states are having widespread flu activity. That’s up from 36 states last week! Which means, you’ll likely see a lot more people sneezing and coughing throughout this month. New studies reveal that the flu virus thrives in colder temperature. Since we’re in the middle of winter, it is inevitable to come across someone who does not have the flu. Therefore, it is important to know how to protect yourself during this susceptible time.

It all begins with what you eat. If you build a strong immune system put you at a higher chance of fighting off the flu virus quicker or avoiding it altogether. Eating fruits and vegetables helps build immune system defenses.

Constantly washing your hands and maintaining them clean throughout the day also ensures that you will keep germ free. Mayo Clinic advises hand-washing doesn’t take much time or effort, but it offers great rewards in terms of preventing illness. Adopting this simple habit can play a major role in protecting your health.Coleman Spas

A warm bath or a humidifier is recommended for those who are suffering from the flu. The steam from a warm bath soak is proven to open up nasal passages and automatically make you feel better. The same effect can be achieved through soaking in a hot tub.

Soaking in a hot tub while having the flu alleviates symptoms caused from the virus. The steam allows your nasal passages to clear up, while the heat from the spa water can take care of chills which are also a signature symptom of the flu. The hydrotherapy jets on a spa also alleviate aches and strains that are associated with being sick.

Saving time and money is crucial in the world of today, imagine having all these health benefits in your very own backyard? Coleman® Spas has a variety of spas that are designed to fit any lifestyle and any budget.

At Coleman® Spas, it is our goal to provide you with a complete hydrotherapy experience in the comfort of your own home. Our invigorating massage therapy jets instantly relieve the stresses of everyday life by delivering day spa quality massages. To ensure the maximum hydrotherapy experience, our seats are perfectly contoured to hug your body’s natural curves for pure comfort. Create your own relaxing escape with a Coleman® Spa today and experience hydrotherapy at its best.


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Manage Holiday Stress

13_HolidayStress121312The holidays can bring on a great deal of stress, resulting in restlessness, lack of motivation, poor concentration, irritability and feelings of being overwhelmed.

This kind of stress is common, but can be managed with perspective and practice.

Counselor Kristina Dupre, from Denver Business Journal, has implemented these simple grounding techniques to help change thought patterns to help maintain focus and balance.


1. Maintain realistic expectations

This time of year is filled with expectations of the imagined holiday experience. First, it is wise to check with loved ones as to what they expect from you. For example, they may love the opportunity to skip the carol singing or the church play this year. You will never know unless you ask.

2. Be honest and communicate

Negotiate what you need, clearly and simply. If it would be helpful to shop online during the lunch hour, ask your supervisor if that is allowed. If you need to leave early a couple of days, ask in advance. Nothing increases stress like needing to be at a school party at 2:00, with a department meeting scheduled at the same time. As soon as you know your schedule, communicate it with you team. This may lead to a more cooperative atmosphere.

3. Don’t take it personally

Stress can arise when we ruminate about the “unfairness” of working when others are absent. If you feel any negative emotion because you’ve perhaps chosen to work on a day that coworkers have opted to take off, then you are taking the situation personally. Keep perspective. The workload is temporary. You can make a different plan next year. Come January, you’ll be grateful to have your team of employees working in unison again.

4. Work like a hound dog

Have you ever seen hound dogs on a hunt? They are all business, noses down and tails up. They have no time for water cooler chit chat or a social lunch break. The hound dog has a wonderful quality of compartmentalizing work and play. If you can hone the skills of maintaining a high level of focus and concentration during the work hours, it may help you accomplish more with the negotiated schedule you and your supervisor agreed upon.

If distracting thoughts arise, roll your head around and take a few long, deep breaths. Think “fill up, hold it, let it go” as you take slow deep breaths. This will help you refocus on the task at hand.

5. Maintain a drink limit

Excessive alcohol consumption may increase during the weeks leading up to the holidays with the occasional party on a “school night.” Set your limit and stick to it. Excess alcohol consumption can potentially impact concentration level, energy level, physical wellbeing and frustration tolerance.

6. Be true to yourself

Spend some time thinking about the holiday you would most enjoy. Does it include a simple schedule or do you like the nonstop hustle and bustle? Do you even like fruitcake? Are you tired of cooking the extravagant meal or do you truly enjoy the process?

Whatever your idea is for the holidays, do that!

Your experience is up to you and holiday time may be a great avenue to practice setting personal boundaries by declining some invitations. You can say ‘no’ and people will still value you.


Survive Holiday Travel

Most of us will be spending the holidays in the comfort of our own home. However, an estimated 46.3 million Americans will be traveling this weekend, most likely due to the lowest Thanksgiving gas prices since 2007.

So how do we anticipate the busiest Thanksgiving travel season in 5 years? Travel Channel’s Kathleen Rellihan has provided us with Top 10 survival tips for the holiday season.holiday_travel_01

Here we go.

1.) Do your research.

Plan alternative trips if traffic makes your way home too overwhelming. Is there a scenic drive that might be longer but have less traffic? Break up a long drive by finding a few places to stop that will get the kids more excited than a truck rest stop. When flying, make sure you check the airline’s restrictions ahead of time on carry-on luggage and fees for checked bags.

2.) Stay connected.

Stock up on the latest travel apps before you leave home. Flight Status gives you real-time updates on delays, baggage numbers and more, and GateGuru gives you approximate times you’ll spend in security. Heading out on the road? Find the cheapest gas and cleanest bathrooms on the road with GasBuddy and SitOrSquat.

3.) Pack light.

Avoid checking bags altogether if you can. You won’t have to wait for your luggage on the conveyor belt, and you won’t have to worry about your mom’s Christmas present getting lost in Logan Airport. If you do check luggage, make sure you have all your medications and important documents and a change of clothes in your carry-on in case your luggage gets lost. Here’s a family packing list for more tips.

4.) Pack earplugs.

Short of doing yoga in the airport, the best way to mentally escape your stressful surroundings is to turn the volume down. And the easiest way to do that is with earplugs. Crying baby next seat over on the plane? Earplugs. Sister’s music in the car driving you mad? Earplugs. And if you really want to check out for a bit? Bring an eye mask (as long as you aren’t driving).

5.) Don’t get hangry.

When your tummy growls, your mind can’t think straight, and you could unknowingly get in the wrong line, take the wrong turn, or worse, upset an innocent flight attendant. Pack snacks and drinks, so you and your family will be fueled up for a road trip. If you’re flying, definitely get some grub before you board the plane, so you won’t have to rely on airline food if you’re sitting on the tarmac for hours.

6.) Ship gifts or give gift cards.

TSA suggests to ship wrapped gifts or wait until you reach your destination to wrap them, as they might have to unwrap a present to inspect it. Ship gifts ahead of time or bring the gift that can’t go wrong: gift cards to their favorite store or an Amazon card.

7.) Travel on off-peak days.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the biggest travel day of the year and can also cause you the biggest meltdown of the year. A better option is to leave early on Thanksgiving Day and avoid the record traffic the night before. Same goes with flying: if you fly on the actual holiday itself you’ll be avoiding the long lines and hoards of travelers.

8.) Travel early or late in the day.

Flight statistics show that planes traveling earlier in the day have a better on-time performance. And if your flight is cancelled, you will have the option of taking a flight later in the day. Also, there will be fewer lines at security. Best time to hit the road? When every one else is asleep — early morning or late at night. You can always take a nap when you arrive at your destination or on the ride there (if you aren’t the driver, of course).

9.) Plan for the unexpected.

Have only a half hour before connecting to another flight? Traveling to Rochester, NY, during snow season? Think ahead and plan accordingly. Leave extra time before flights to deal with security, extra time between connections and, for road trips, pack tire chains for snowy conditions, flashlights, and of course, a few band-aids never hurt either.

10.) Inhale. Exhale.

The overly friendly person next to you on the plane, the cancelled flights, the luggage that fell off in the middle of the highway? All of it will make for great stories over dinner when you finally make it to your destination. After all, holiday travel stress is just as much of a tradition as pumpkin pie and regifting.

Above all, remember to have a safe and fun travel this Thanksgiving Holiday weekend!

Coleman Spas: The Heritage Collection

The trust in the Coleman® brand name derives from the outdoor recreation products that Coleman® has supplied to its customers for years. Ranging from camping supplies to patio equipment to the kerosene lantern that started it all, the Coleman® brand is a company we have all came to know and love.

Now Coleman® has tackled a new venture of outdoor recreation: spas!

Coleman® Spas offers luxurious spa lines that are meant to appeal to a wide spectrum of consumers.


The Coleman® Spas Heritage Collection is consistent with what consumers have grown to trust and rely on over the years; durability and pride. This stylish cutting edge spa line is rich and offers the exclusive eco-friendly Dually Pump System which cuts energy cost in half while doubling your power. The Heritage Collection has the ideal spa to enhance the beauty and ambiance of any outdoor living space.



The Heritage Collection can accommodate up to six people, making it one of Coleman® Spas larger spa collections. The ability to accommodate six people makes The Heritage Collection a better option for entertaining and families looking to enhance their recreational backyard lifestyle while gaining the health benefits that a spa can provide.

To ensure the maximum hydrotherapy experience, Coleman® Spas seats are perfectly contoured to hug your body’s natural curves for pure comfort. Create your own relaxing escape with a Coleman® Spa today and experience hydrotherapy at its best!


The Heritage Collection features the exclusive eco-friendly Dually Pump System.  One dually-pump is powerful enough to replace a two-pump system and uses less electricity to operate, this means less money!

If you’ve been considering owning a spa, The Coleman® Spas Heritage Collection is a great choice that you, your family and friends will benefit from!

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Coleman Spas: Soaking for Your Health

coleman relaxing

Hot water healing is nothing new. As early as 2,000 B.C., Egyptians used hot baths to ease pain and invoke relaxation by placing sizzling rocks into water. In Ancient Greece, elaborate structures were built around natural hot springs as early-day hospitals and meeting places; there, the father of medicine himself—Hippocrates—prescribed these soothing soaks as treatment for conditions ranging from jaundice to rheumatism. In fact, the word spa comes from the Latin term sanus per aquam–meaning health through water–coined because battle-weary Roman soldiers routinely used hot wells to recover from their physical and emotional wounds.

Today, medical research confirms the traditional belief that putting yourself in hot water, literally, may keep your health out of it, metaphorically.
Although studies are few and far between, most show definite health benefits from regular soaks in hot water, usually in temperatures between 100 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Whether relieving minor aches or managing life-threatening conditions, physicians and other scientists are increasingly recommending hot tub therapy as a safe and effective way to protect and improve your health.

Fountains of Youth
In addition to helping you live better, water treatment may help you live longer. Research by Joel M. Stager, Ph.D., a professor of kinesiology at the University of Indiana who has studied the therapeutic effects of water for 30 years, suggests that regular swimming can slow aging as much as 20 percent in some people by maintaining or improving respiration, muscle mass and cardiovascular function. While Stager, who is also editor of The Journal of Swimming Research and a former national swimming champion, has focused much of his study on competitive swimmers, he believes that some benefits trickle down in activities, such as a regular afternoon dip in the pool or frequent hot tub soaks.

Just sitting in hot water up to your neck aids cardiovascular health, adds Bruce E. Becker, M.D., clinical professor of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Washington.

“The ultimate purpose of the heart as an organ is to pump blood in response to a physiological demand so its best measure of performance is volume of blood pumped per unit of time,” says Dr. Becker. “Immediately after a person is immersed, water begins to exert pressure on the body. Cardiac volume increases by nearly one-third with immersion to the neck.” Simply put, this means your heart gets a cardiovascular workout just from sitting in a hot tub; this does not occur being sedentary when dry.

And because water provides more resistance than air—making movement more challenging—even the most basic water workout can strengthen the heart and muscles better than a similar routine on land. Exercising in water also helps prevent overheating and does not impact joints.

You should consult a doctor before undergoing any new therapy, but here are some ways that hot tubs can help your health:
Better sleep. If you want zzzs to please, a habit currently out of reach for some 70 million Americans, heed this advice from the National Sleep Foundation: “Establish a regular, relaxing bedtime routine, such as soaking in a hot bath or hot tub.” Reason: hot water prompts relaxation and the increase in body temperature helps you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.

Arthritis relief. ”The soothing warmth and buoyancy of warm water makes it a safe, ideal environment for relieving arthritis pain and stiffness,” notes the Arthritis Foundation.

“Immersing in warm water raises your body temperature, causing your blood vessels to dilate and increasing circulation.” This results in less swelling and pain, and increases mobility—a clear benefit for the one in five Americans with arthritis. In fact, soaking in a hot tub may provide gain without pain. A study by Australian researchers, published by the Arthritis Foundation in June 2007, reports “significant improvements in pain and function” in patients with knee and hip osteoarthritis—the most common types—who underwent one-hour, twice-weekly hot tub treatments for 12 weeks. Interestingly, the researchers say that the improvements from hot tubbing were similar to those seen in other older OA patients they tracked who practiced a similarly timed regimen of tai chi, the ancient Chinese martial art often recommended to improve flexibility and movement.

Pain control. There is good reason why hot tubs are routinely used by physical therapists and pain management experts for everything from minor aches to recovery from serious injury: hot water stimulates the release of endorphins, naturally occurring chemicals in the brain that kill pain and improve mood. A soak after a day of skiing or other exercise also has medical credence: the improved blood flow resulting from hot water immersion means that oxygen and nutrients can more quickly and effectively remove pain-causing lactic acid that accumulates in muscles during intense workouts. In addition, the massaging effect of jetted water soothes and reinvigorates overused and weary muscles—without the expense of a masseuse or therapist.

Lower blood pressure. In one noted study, Mayo Clinic researcher Thomas G. Allison, M.P.H, Ph.D., did a head-to-head benefits comparison of hot tubbing and bicycling in patients at risk for heart disease. His finding: soaking in warm water helped lower blood pressure, whereas bicycling raised it-sometimes to dangerous levels (during exercise). Yet, his study shows that hot water- soaking raised the heart rate—the purpose of aerobic exercise—to similar levels as a bicycling workout. This suggests that a spa soak might provide a noticeable heart-smart cardiovascular workout without the effort, traffic and sweat.

Diabetes improvement and weight loss. Another small, but intriguing study, published several years ago in The New England Journal of Medicine, suggests another way that hot tub soaks simulate the beneficial effects of exercise. After tracking patients with Type 2 diabetes, researcher Phillip L. Hooper, M.D., of McKee Medical Center in Loveland, Colorado, found that participants who soaked in a spa for 30 minutes a day, six days a week, lost nearly four pounds after three weeks-without making anychanges to their diet, exercise habits or other lifestyle factors. What’s more, following tub treatments, patients experienced reduced blood sugar levels; their blood glucose levels dropped, on average, from 182 mg/dl to 159 mg/dl and their A1c levels dipped from 11.3 to 10.3. The patients also reported improved sleep and an increased general sense of well-being. Once again, the improved blood flow from hot water soaks gets the credit, theorizes Dr. Hooper.

Although hot tubs aren’t about to replace chemotherapy, radiation or surgery, they are increasingly being used as a complementary therapy for some cancer patients—if only to ease the emotional burden of their disease.
Hot tubs are one method of hydrotherapy–the practice of using water, ice or steam to treat disease and enhance health. Other popular forms include icing athletic injuries or using saunas to cleanse the body and skin.

“Hydrotherapy can provide relaxation and symptom relief from a variety of ailments,” notes the American Cancer Society. “The ability to promote relaxation in its many forms is well established.”

This is especially important for cancer patients, since the National Cancer Institute says that nearly half of all cancer patients report having some anxiety, and 23 percent have high levels. Significance: some researchers speculate that hormones, such as cortisol released during periods of stress, may activate cancer cells causing them to grow and multiply. Already, medical studies show that these stress hormones play a direct role in the development of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and other conditions.

The bottom line: a nice, hot soak is relaxing, soothing, and the perfect way to unwind and better manage stress…if not also to improve your physical health.

Coleman® Spa Consumer Testimonial!

The CO R730L is fantastic. I love the one piece design. It is well insulated sturdy and fairly easy to maneuver around when empty. It comes with a nice cover that is sloped so the rain will run off and is seals well. the stainless jets put out good pressure even at 110V although it can not heat and run the jets on high at the same time. this hasn’t been an issue for us so far. It took 24 hours to heat the tub to 103 the first time. Be sure to fill the tub by putting your hose down the hole where the filter it screwed on… it helps to avoid air in the lines. We had a problem with the pump wire loose on the circuit panel and it wouldn’t run on high at first so check that your wire connections are tight if you have any problems. Overall this is a great tub with nice deep comfortable seats!
Shelly Ann, Denver, CO